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Volume 1 

"Itches Inside My Head"

A vintage selection of finely illustrated and classically inspired poems
for the entire family to enjoy - ages 5 to 105.
Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, lift your spirits, and encourage your inner child!

 Have some fun! Come play with us!

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A Child Only a Mother Could Love

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Misty Football Field
        Indies Today awarded it 5 Stars and said...
“This spunky poetic book is one you’ll come back to time and again. The light our world needs right now, Itches Inside My Head is a wonderfully exuberant book of poems you’ll enjoy whether you’re young or merely young at heart!”
Read the entire review at:
"Itches Inside My Head is tantalizingly illustrated, the words are beguiling, and the humor is guaranteed to make you grin.
In the midst of the giggling, there are poems that touch on childhood insecurities so subtly that readers will identify immediately.
Mazie’s expertise in the fields of social work and mental health is evident and put to good use in this entertaining compilation."

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, Host and Editor

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                   Readers' Favorite Awarded it 5 Stars and said...


"Itches Inside My Head contains a collection of poems that is whimsical and fun to read - covering a wide range of topics that will entertain you.


Read, relax, and reread. It's that good."

As an educator and writer, I am in awe of Randy Mazie's Itches Inside My Head. It is whimsical, touching, and life-affirming! Each illustration adds a new dimension to the accompanying poem.
A decade ago, I taught an advanced course in Analyzing Children's Lit, I wish Itches Inside My Head existed then. It would have been a great addition. 

 Randy Levin,

Teacher, Educational Consultant (NYC), and College Admissions Advisor,

Check out his website: Write to College

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