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"I Try to Remind Myself"
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Who doesn’t want to feel encouraged?

I know I do.


Yet reading long chapter books about self-help is tedious.

I prefer short inspirational pieces and then reflecting on them.


I like to write down my reactions.

It helps me to process my thoughts.


When some loved ones were having difficult times.

I began texting them my musings hoping it would help.


Keeping the text messages short was a challenge.

But it was also an act of love.


Soon other family members and friends joined in.

What a joy it’s been—encouraging each other.


I thought it would be nice to have you join us too.

So, another act of love begins today!


Each of us benefits from being encouraged.

Please share your own experiences in the Forum.


We’re all in this together. 

Who doesn’t want to feel encouraged?


Randy Mazie

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